Working With Our Company

  • Urijah Faber

    “I’ve worked with Angel on over a dozen shoots and he continues to be creative, professional and passionate about his craft. As a pro athlete, my time is limited and Angel knows how to be efficient in a getting the production done. His camera skills make the competition TAP OUT!”

    Urijah Faber
  • John Guenther

    “Throughout our working relationship, Angel has remained one of our most trusted and reliable assets. He can be counted on to produce and film top-quality video content for us every time, using excellent technical know-how and equipment.”

    John Guenther
  • Ashley Williams

    “Angel and I worked together on Good Day Sacramento and there is no doubt his creativity and energy as a Feature Reporter are perfectly paralleled with filming. As an Entertainment Reporter in LA, I know what quality production entails and Angel brings that to every project.”

    Ashley Williams
  • Katrina Semmes

    “There’s a reason I’ve hired Angel Cardenas to direct and film my projects outside of the US. He’s an artist. I’ve sent Angel to India and Canada for major projects with big companies, not to mention numerous shoots in the US. Every project has been a success.”

    Katrina Semmes
  • Aaron Watkins

    “Angel has been an amazing partner for our agency to work with. He comes to the table with years of experience and has been able to not only provide great filming and editing, but has helped guide the creative process on many of the shoots as well.”

    Aaron Watkins